@ParadeofLights Shoots Video for #WereTheKids

Shooting in LA. Right now.

Yes. Its true. A good m8 of ours is the 1st AD. Bookmark this page for updates! In the mean while, read this >

Parade of Lights to Shine at SPestival

By: Tristan Parker

After cutting their teeth touring with various bands around the U.S., L.A.-based musicians Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo reformed the band they had started themselves several years before with the new name Parade of Lights  also bringing in new members Michelle Ashley and Randy Schulte – realizing that was where their musical commitments remained.

Rolling between the fuzzy synth-rock of MGMT and sunnier dance-pop, PoL are one of the newest signings to innovative New York-based label Astralwerks. The label is hosting its own stage at SPestival, so to get acquainted with some of its acts, we chatted to Daly.


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