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Tyler, the Creator Disses YouTube Music Awards On Red Carpet
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Tyler, the Creator Disses YouTube Music Awards On Red Carpet

The inaugural YouTube Music Awards went down Sunday night at Pier 36 in New York, and it was surely a night packed with a boatload of unexpected and chaotic moments—all thanks toSpike Jonze’s experimental approach.

But among the many who appeared at the first-ever affair was Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future pal Earl Sweatshirt, who together delivered a raucous performance of their “Sasquatch” collab. It’s worth noting that days before the event, Tyler was not fond of the award show’s nominations, taking to Twitter to say that the show represented a missed opportunity at recognizing the real artists and directors. Staying true to his opinion,  he spoke to REVOLT on the red carpet of the awards show and further expressed those sentiments.

Tyler, the Creator Bashes YouTube Music Awards

“YouTube, you guys had the beautiful platform to allow actual talented people who take videos—and think on a creative level to actually give them exposure and reward them for their creative work but you f*cking idiots decided to do the same sh*t with the same weak a** Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and all these weak a** that everybody else knows instead of giving people who actually do things a f*cking chance to shine,” said Tyler to REVOLT’s Sharon Carpenter.

His words greatly reflected the message he posted on his Twitter page days ago, where he referred to the Katy Perry and Justin Bieber examples as “teeny bopper sh*t.”

Despite his heated remarks about the nominations, Tyler did share a more lighthearted proposal to YouTube afterwards…

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