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Nine Inch Nails Return To Los Angeles Hometown For Memorable Show

NEWS_NIN_002Trent Reznor’s decision to resurrect Nine Inch Nails earlier this year came not only as a shock to many, but also felt, admittedly, slightly precocious.  Particularly after just 4 years away following a theatrical exit with four final shows in Los Angeles culminating their aptly titled “Wave Goodbye” tour.  But skeptics had reason to be so, unlike another reunion currently happening across town, Reznor had seemingly found a way to bridge the gap from angst ridden youth to celebrated composer, trading “March Of The Pigs” multi-tracks for acclaimed Hollywood film scores, more or less cementing his evolution as a graceful and logical one.

So why risk tarnishing a near perfect legacy? A new take. That’s whatReznor promised fans in an open letter on his return to the project and that is what he’s truly delivered. Returning to LA’s Staples Center last night for a hometown show (Reznor relocated the band from New Orleans amidst the record of 2005’s With Teeth), Nine Inch Nails embodied everything we remember loving about them in their prime while packing plenty of new tricks to keep it feeling fresh.

Long a strong proponent of technology and tour production, Reznor and co. built upon the bones of their “Lights in The Sky” tour with multi-tiered LED screens and scrims that brought new depth to the performance, allowing the band to seamlessly move in and out of focus, literally engulfing them in visual sonics before backing off to reveal the men and women responsible for the echoing audio assault.

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