#GenXers! @Lordemusic has covered @TearsforFears! Rejoice or Revile? #music

GenXers! So, our lovely, young,Lorde has covered Tears for Fears’s late career pop hit “Everybody Wants To Rule the World”! If you’re an 80s scion you, of course, remember that even the mighty Curt Smith & Roland Orzabal were more or less relegated to college music (along with Hüsker Du and R.E.M!) after they “sold out” their “British new wave” core fan base and topped the pop charts in the mid 80s! Could Lorde have done a bit more due diligence, perhaps? Or is this echo-ey, play-misty-for-me-version more apropos for the age of Ga Ga? You be the judge!