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Los Angeles based Black Knights have partnered with guitarist/producer John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta) on their new album Medieval Chamber. Frusciante produced the entire album, available for pre-order today, November 12 at the Black Knights newly launched website http://www.blackknightsmusic.com. Record Collection, Frusciante’s longtime label, will release Medieval Chamber on January 14, 2014.

The album marks the first foray into hip-hop production for Frusciante, the Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer credited as one of the greatest guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone.

“The great freedom I’ve found in doing hip-hop is that as long as the beat is hard and something that rappers will respond to creatively, the music can be literally any style of music you want,” explains Frusciante. “On any given song I can end up chopping up classic music or rock music or melodies based in free jazz ideas. I’ve felt more free doing this album than I have doing anything else.”

Medieval Chamber is an album that doesn’t apologize for what it is: a dedication to the power of perseverance. First single ‘The Joust’ opens with the lyrics “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”, and the rest of the album flows with this theme. Serious and philosophical, the Black Knight lyrics of Rugged Monk and Crisis meld into Frusciante’s vivid production to create a truly innovative soundscape.

“When we’re in the studio, it’s not about making regular songs,” says Rugged Monk. “We want to play songs that people will play now, next year and that will live on.”

The decision to include John Frusciante in the project came from a chance meeting and a natural chemistry. Rugged Monk and Crisis met him through their mentor, RZA, and Rugged Monk and Frusciante began to collaborate musically. When Crisis got involved, the three decided to make a full-length album: Medieval Chamber.

“John Frusciante is a very musical guy,” explains Monk. “When he channelled into what we wanted to do as far as our sound, we were able to bring things out of each other.”

Medieval Chamber is the group’s first full release in three years. It pays tribute to the group’s history, with a shout out to former member Doc Doom, who was shot and killed in 2007. The album also teases out the group’s west coast roots and east coast influences.

It’s not just about the past: with the release of Medieval Chamber, Black Knights have two albums’ worth of material stockpiled and is writing more. Of their new and upcoming works, Rugged Monk promises, “We’re going to hit you from all angles.”


Medieval Chamber Track Listing


The Joust

Medieval Times

Trickfingers Playhouse

Sword In Stone


Deja Vu


Keys to the Chastity Belt


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