Social Network Pilot, @SeanParker Is Obsessed With His @Spotify Playlist! #music

Sean Parker -- Ben Baker Redux

Sean Parker takes his Spotify playlist,Hipster International, very seriously. How serious? “Sometimes I’ll spend six hours consecutively combing through literally thousands of songs,” Parker tells me. “I probably listen to 500 songs for every song I feature.”

I had called Parker recently for a quick chat about pop-star Lorde–Parker had added her song Royals to his 800,000 plus follower playlist, helping spark her stardom in the States. Like all great Parker conversations, he dove deeply. After discussing Lorde, Parker jumped into the benefits of social music sharing, the original goals of Napster and the art and science of making a killer playlist–more on this in a moment, but first a little background.

Parker and Shawn Fanning blew up the music industry when they unleashed their file sharing platform Napster in 1999. They were both 18. Napster ushered in a decade of file sharing and piracy. People stopped buying music–soon not just the music store, but the CD itself would be obsolete. This, however, was not the initial goal of Napster–Parker says that he and Fanning wanted to democratize music, pulling power away from the record label elites: “We’ve been dreaming about a world where the traditional gatekeepers no longer determine what music the public heard—that was the promise of social media and social music discovery,” Parker says. “The potential since Napster has been to break free of that and now you’re finally starting to see that. ” [ Read It All on >> ]