@BSLADE’s Got a Fresh Cut, a #Cardigan and #MMMM88XX #New #Music #Funk

bsladeThis APOLLOWATI blogger has had the pleasure of knowing BSLADE as TONEX, T.Boy, TON3X, The Black Maverick, and Pastor N8ion. Most importantly, I’ve known him has friend and an incredibly talented, heartfelt human being. Having a rather up and down creative life myself, I was homeless after my bubble of success broke just after 911 in New York. I traveled west to San Diego to live with my cousins, who were an emerging force in Christian Hip Hop music at the time. They were called SOULJAHZ – and just so happened they were in the midst of producing an exciting new record with (then) TON3X.

For over three months I’d mostly slept in the studio, working with both SOULJAHZ and TON3X, piling on, helping wherever I could. Not being a musician myself, I did a lot of watching and listening. What I saw and heard from TON3X was nothing short of a zeitgeist moment for me. It soon became clear to me that I was in the presence of Talent on par with the likes of Prince, Micheal Jackson or even David Bowie; and that’s no exaggeration. Whatever your taste threshold, or whatever style of music that you may prefer – once you hear TON3X’s modern incarnation: BSLADE you will have to humbly agree. This artful, teaser sketch exhibits a rather wonderful distressed audio quality. I’ve really never heard anything quite like it in (his) genre. In fact, the last time I’ve heard a pop music product of this scale taking such a risk was probably Beastie Boys’ Cookiepuss. 

Methinks we’re all in store for another zeitgeist moment. Amen.

Here’s another example of BSLADE’S experiments with canorous, audio manipulation: Cardigan; producing wondrous emotional FX …

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